Lifelong Learning  Programme – Comenius

“Taste of Europe”

Our institution decided to take the initiative to find partners from Special Educational Institutions, in order to participate to the European Program for Schools, Comenius.

The Comenius partners countries

The Teachers Association was informed of this program by the school director, Mr Iraklis Palias, at a dedicated congregation. The association decided, unanimously, that the school would be represented, at the 5 day seminar, by the teacher, Ms Oikonomou Theodora, taking place in Belgium, from the 23rd to the 27th of November 2011. The relevant request was submitted to NA (State Foundation for Scholarships), for funding the participation and the relevant expenses.

After the grand, Ms Oikonomou, travelled to Belgium, were the national team of EPOS organized the seminar. There, she presented our institution’s programs and activities, at all times representing her country as well. She was also educated on the way that a joint application should be prepared, by collaborating with the representatives from 7 Special Educational Institutions.

In constant teamwork with these representatives, they designed the form of the partnership, in order to set goals and time schedules, appoint actions, materials needed and finally the teacher’s mobilities.

At the top of our priorities is to fill out the joint application for the Comenius programme and proceed with its submission to the NA, in order for it to be granted.

The remaining participant countries for this programme are:

Denmark (coordinator)
Germany  and

(Iceland and Latvia are not members of the E.U.)

Ms Oikonomou, upon her arrival in Greece, informed the Teacher’s Association at a dedicated meeting about the results of the seminar’s projects for the Comenius programme labelled << Taste of Europe>>. We all expressed our gratitude for her successful representation of our Primary School of Korydallos as well as her country and now very eagerly we are looking forward for submitting our application to the NA on February. After the application is granted by the NA and the European Committee, on September of 2012, our institution will sign the relevant contractual agreement for the funding of this Comenius program.

The program’s duration is 2 school years, in which co-educational activities will take place at all institutions, by short term joint staff mobilities between the participant countries and by having relevant coordinators’ meetings at each site (country). Finally, we have appointed Ms Oikonomou to be the person responsible for this program, receiving the constant assistance and guidance from all our schools teachers and students.

Good luck

Published by Director of School,   Iraklis Palias

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