Lesson plan 2: English


mrs Avgoustatou Eftychia, English language teacher


Subject: Subtitling culture clips

Activity: creating subtitles in english


Students :11

Level of English: B2+

Teaching hours: 3


Developmental Goals:

  • To present different cultural aspects of our country.
  • To introduce the art of translation and interpretation of a poem made into a song.


Learning Objective:

  • The children will learn how to properly interpret the meanings of a poem using their knowledge of english . They will also use the research on the poet’s biography and dialect .



  • We will use the ICT laboratory, the internet and video clips of the poems.


We discuss with the students what aspects of our culture we could illustrate

In the framework of Erasmus+ , we were asked to add subtitles to video clips about our culture. As the students were already familiar with Nikos Kavvadias from the greek literature lesson, they decide to work with his poems that were made into songs.

That way they would have the opportunity not only to translate a poem but to  interpret it.

Also, they would have the opportunity to introduce a greek poet and a greek composer hat are not so famous  abroad to the other participants.



  1. The students search YouTube to find eleven songs based on the poems of Nikos Kavvadias.
  2. Each student gets one song and starts translating the language which includes naval glossary and Ionian dialect.
  3. In a word document they write the finished product


Movie maker theory


Using the theory they‘ve learned in day 2 ,they add subtitles in their own video clip and upload it in  school’s youtube channel.

Finally ,the teacher uploads the students’ clips on the etwinning platform, so that it is available for all the participants to see.


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