Lesson Plan:Aristophanes


1st Lyceum of Ilion

“Preparing for life in the 21stcentury”


UNIT:                                                     Ancient greek comedy

SUB-UNIT:                                             Aristophanes

TEXT:                                                   ”Ornithes” (the birds)

TEACHER:                                             Papavassileiou Alexandra
(literature teacher)

TEACHING TIME:                                  2 sessions

FORM OF TEACHING:                           Dialogue (questions/answers,  stimulating  dialogue) – guided (the
teacher guides the students while activating their potential)

METHOD OF TEACHING:                      Discovery-investigation (Discovery  learning-Bruner’s theory).The
students become processors of information and learning becomes a
process of acquiring general knowledge that is subject to processing,                                                                                      transformation and  application to new situations.

TEACHING MODEL:                               Student-centered, team-cooperative

AIMS:                                                       For the students to acquire basic  knowledge on ancient theatre.To become                                                                           familiar with the ancient greek tragedy and comedy.

To focus on the content of ancient greek comedy with reference to Aristophanes                                                                     and his play   “Ornithes” (the birds).

To become familiar with the  historical facts of the era and understand Aristophanes                                                                criticism on them.

To be in a position to grasp the notions / ideas of the play to approach it critically                                                                     and    reach some conclusions.

STAGES/STEPS:                                    The students are taught basic historical events of the era during which tragedy and                                                                comedy appear.

They learn the basic parts of the ancient theatre.

They are introduced to the plays of Aristophanes.

They focus on the content of the comedy “Ornithes”.

TEACHING AIDS:                                   Computer, tablet, smartphones.


Artsteps: The students create a
virtual museum with the parts of
ancient theatre.

Timeline: with the plays of

Google museum.


The active participation of the students gave us the opportunity to evaluate their potential in every level of their ability from the lowest to the highest.

Consequently, in the cognitive sector, we followed Benjamin Bloom’s “Taxonomy of educational objectives”, and gradually we were led to an evaluation of their effort as a whole.


(B. Bloom-educator and psychologist in the University of Chicago, in 1956)

Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives

Verbs Useful for Stating Learning Outcomes

Bloom’s Taxonomy for Educational Objectives

Stanford University