erasmus+ feedback teachers

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In this survey replied some of the teachers that their school participated in this Erasmus+ project.The participant teachers were from:

  • Greece(6),
  • Italy(5),
  • Hungary(4),
  • Spain(4) and
  • Turkey (2).

In the total of 21 teachers, 14 (66%) were female and 7(33,3%) were male.And most of them in the age range of the 50’s

English as a foreign language(38,1%) is the teaching subject of most of the teachers. That means that language is an important reason for some teachers to participate or not  in European projects.Of course the project helped non English  language teachers to improve their skills in English language. And we can see that comparing their teaching subject to their English  communication/speaking  skills.
Our project was about Implement ICT and web 2.0 tools in our teaching methods. Different subjects were involved and the given knowledge, helped most of the teachers ( 42,9% and 33,3%) to acquire specialized knowledge and improve their professional development ( 52,4%)
Most teachers agreed that were  developed new co-operation activities and new concepts
Even if our project was about new teaching methods, most teachers rare  use new methods as they faced obstacles, mostly in equiptments.Teachers learned  other countries’ educational systems and had the chance to compare them.
Teachers were helped in the usage of new technologies (47,6%)  all schools obtain a European dimension( 61,9%) and increase their local reputation( 81%), especially the that schools that participated for first time in a European project ( Greece and Turkey)
Most of the teachers will participate again in a European project with the same partners.

As a conclusion we can say that teachers participating in this project, developed their language skills, knowledge in new technologies was obtained  which they will try to apply in their classroom. They also implement new co-operation activities and new concepts , they increased their awareness in different culture, in their European dimension and citizenship.