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Pet Gifts to Give Your Dog or Cat a Pawsome Holiday

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You can’t let the holidays — or any day, really — go by without celebrating your #1 best friend (shh, we won’t tell the humans in your life). They love you unconditionally no matter what, so these pet gifts are really just a small way to show your furry pals how much they mean to you. This list is full of gift ideas for cats and dogs (even a few for smaller animals!) including top-rated toys, festive outfits, pet beds, grooming products, and genius gadgets that’ll make any dog mom’s life way easier. Even if you don’t go all out with pet gifts (we get it, you have enough people to shop for this holiday season), most of these picks are small and affordable enough to just pamper your pet a little. Either way, they will feel the love, making for a very meowy Christmas.




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