Αρχείο για την κατηγορία 'M.C.Escher : arte e geometria in gioco – eTwinning project'

M.C.Escher : arte e geometria in gioco – eTwinning project

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 We are very happy  for the great collaboration we had in the project! We had great interaction,  knowledge received and exchanged.

I wish to thank wholeheartedly especially our friends from Italy Irene Confalone and Rosalba Maria Confalone for the invitation. Also we want to thank so much all the paticipating  members Teachers and pupils for the excellent cooperation and for the interaction and the activites we exchanged!!!

With my  pupils from the 1st primary School of Pefki, Athens, Greece we send our best regards to all  our friends. We also invite the blog visitors  to explore the wtin space pages created:

                       The project

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