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A project in order to be effective needs the collaboration of all the members that participate, more than anything else.  Theodora Chandrinou as a founder from Greece shared the idea of the theme with Esparanza Caro Perdigón from Spain and  with the children all together we made this project become real. Congratulations to all our students that worked with fervor and creativity!

Esperanza and Theodora are good friends since their studies in the Facultad de Bellas Artes de Universidad Comlutense de Madrid,  from almost 20 years!!! This precious friendship  they do  keep it and are enlightening it to their students. This project is the gift of precious cooperation, respect, appreciation  and of deep  concern. Human values that through Art and Education we make the effort  to transmit as a cone stone for  our evaluation as  persons in the society .

Thank you !



The project we consider that gave fruitful results for the children from the results we received. All the children evaluated the project in written compositions in the end of the School year. Children understood  that they are active members of our world community and all together we can work and share our creativity. Creativity, inspiration, Interaction, Sharing.

We used Art Education as an educational tool and the main goals succeeded were :

  • That children developed their creativity and aesthetic criterion and their
  • The motivation and attendance of all students in the creative activities about the protection of nature and our environment.
  • The coexistence among students was cultivated and the development of competences as well.
  • Through innovation and interactive Visual Art perceptionswe improved the learning methodology and the pupils became more active showing their enthusiasm.
  • Via experiential learning and by using different tools and techniques we gave the most to our pupils.
  • The encouragement of communication in personal and social aspects  and the interaction between peers and within the school community as a whole system.
  • To develop the Emotional Intelligence, the empathy of the participants and to activate  their  critical thinking facing on different situations.
  • To increase collaboration and the harmonious integration of the participants in the teams.
  • As a result of their self-confidence and self-esteem we presented with the children’s permission the results to the public and we increased eagerness for collaboration.
  • The students with learning difficulties became more active and well accepted by their schoolmates in the classroom, working in groups.
  • The progress of pupils with communicational  difficulties and low self-esteem, in all aspects.
  • To diffuse the teachers’ appreciation for the cognitive object on which they are specialized.
  • The acquaintance with the culture of  the other countries, by exchanging presentations about concrete themes that the pupils chose.
  • The development of cultural consciousness, the symbolism gave inspiration and knowledge as a result of a deep understanding of the Arts in different Cultures and Societies.
  • To promote the positive approach and the correct use of technology, computer programs and the use of
  • We achieved to open the doors of the Schools to society, to create, share and communicate.


  • The creation of power points and archives in digital as feedback.Presentation of the program in the Schools as a result of “Positive Educational Practices”.
  • Working in collaborative programs in one of the Schools in Europe we become the transmitters and receivers tending to coincide, because of the common School environment in which we work and thanks to the common code that our projects provide. The spirit we wanted to enlighten to our pupils is that all together we can: work, share, inspire, communicate, create, keeping our world  healthy and beautiful. Art offered the basic language in order to be achieved the main pedagogic objectives of the specific program concerning: Cognitive sector: comprehension of ideas and meanings, growth of oral speech and learning of foreign languages, etc. Sentimental sector: recognition and control of emotions, self-confidence, etc. Social sector: aid of team work, collaboration, socialization etc. Meta-cognitive sector: the growth of skills. development of critical thought, self-knowledge
  • Participation in the Creative classroom groups.


There are many things that we all received from the e-Twinning experience. Our first aim was to create pleasant, positive memories for the pupils.

The most important and motivating for me was the deep contact level that was achieved in the relationship with the children that participated in the project. The lessons aquired a friendly and cooperative spirit. Children were giving me inspiration and courage. My creative pupils until the last days were ready to join me in a new theme for our European project. Their positive reaction was an expansion of Art creations!

In the evaluation form that they were given to the children we point out their enthusiastic  and thankful comments :

“Thank you for the beautiful things that we learned this year!”,

“I have  new friends from Spain now!!!”,

“Thank you e-Twinning”,

“I will travel and visit Spain one day”,

“I love the Art lesson!!!!”,

“Please , can we do that project next year, too?”,

“This was the best School year of all!”,

“We created so beautiful things with my friends in the classroom. The recycling was my favorite. We made a video for the pupils in Spain!!!”.

The pupils, also, tought their Teachers with their collaborative skills and attitude that presented increased after  the project was completed.


Theodora Chandrinou



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