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Poetry in English language by Amalia K. Eliade

Κάτω από: ΓενικάΑΜΑΛΙΑ ΗΛΙΑΔΗ στις 6:10 μμ στις 20 Ιουνίου, 2008

Curriculum Vitae

Amalia K. Eliade was born in Trikala of Thessaly in Greece (1967). She is a philologist of Greek Language and Teacher of History(historian). She also has a master diploma in Byzantine History from the Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki-Greece. She teaches Greek Language and History at the secondary level of public Education (Gymnasium-Lyceum), since 1992. In her free time she writes poems and occupies also with painting-drawing.



“Here comes the love again”

Here comes the love again…

The memory goes back into the past

The dreams go deep into the future.

My fantasy flourishes like a spring frower!

Here comes the sun again

after a stormy nightmare!

Words are poor to describe my joy!

Here comes the sky again!

I feel like touching it…


Hunting green birds of hope

running in a vast field

when I was fifteen.

Dreaming of the “Big World”

willing to amaze.

So excited by the fame

so astonished by the glory

the glory of the morning light.

It was an uncatched dream

so childish, so innocent, so pure…

Pure dreams never comes true

It’s a rule in life we can’t pass over…

Although, that’s not a cause of pain,

it’s a cause of attempt.

Acause of trying and a cause of

searching for better thrills…

There are better dreams than those,

remote, burried in the past childish dreams.

“Little sad star”

What can I do for you, my little, sad star?

Could you help me to make the world more beautiful?

Songs sound around my town.

Songs of day, songs of night.

Could you help me to carry them into people’s hearts?

It’s quite necessary.

Don’t you think so?

“Real love”

Everyday looking for a thrill

what a hard try

Everymoment searching for an excitement

what’s a vain…

It’s better start looking for real love

and pure feeling.

It’s the only way through which we can

find our destination as human beings…

That’s a good advice to take and give.


Reality isn’t cruel

full of ugly, bad states.

For me it’ s a necessity

with all its joys and pains.

Pain makes life worthwhile

not tasteless and dead

And joy gives it the meaning

that never stop to stress.

Stress is a real tension

that always leads the life

so it’s our destination

to keep open our mind

Open our hearts

open our minds

vivid colours of our lives.

“The Forest”

Take me to the forest

with the mushrooms and the trees.

Take me to the magic of the nature

the house of God.

There sounds the water from the distant spring

carring in it kisses…

kisses, sweet kisses…

The wind blows through the leaves

singing the song of the forest.

A song of nature, a song of power

A power that don’ t know evil…

If only I could be like a forest…

So wild and so calm…

so deep and so pround…

Oh, my love, take me to the forest

bringing to me the innocence

lost in the passing time…

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