Postcards from other countries through our etwinning project!


Συγγραφέας: acharou | Κατηγορία Γ1 (2014-2015) | , στις 25-05-2015


We have received beautiful postcards from many countries so far:

  • Poland, Austria, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Ireland
  • Finland, Norway, Portugal, Czech Republic
  • Denmark, France, Belgium, Slovakia and the Netherlands

postcards we received medium
We are going to put them onto this map:

map of Europe 1st stepHere’s the final map with the postcards we have received:

final map-GreeceAnd …we are are going to post the postcards we have written

Our postcardsfor our partners quite soon!

Writing postcards

Our postcards have already been sent!!!

envelopes postoffice box

Now let’s play an interactive game to see how good we are at finding where each country, we have exchanged postcards with, is situated on the map:  GAME

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