«Enceladus» eHAND meeting in Oreokastro – 5th Day report

5th Day Report

Students worked in international teams on creating a leaflet/booklet about the most important tips/pieces of advice on what to do Before, During and After an earthquake. They also took their own pictures depicting those tips and then presented their work to the whole e-HAND team.

After the presentation of Alexandros Terzopoulos’s scientific paper “Nitrates…”, the teachers of the seven schools had a meeting to evaluate the meeting and plan the next steps of the project.

In the evening, there was a ceremony to award the certificates to the teams followed by a live concert by students of the school, a lively Greek party, dancing and buffet by the parents of the Greek students. Words cannot describe the feelings of happiness, fulfillment, companionship, solidarity and sadness at the end of this amazing adventure. Until we meet again, friends!






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