About our school

About our school

The new building, where our school is accommodated together with the 5th High school of Kozani from September 1998, is a building modern, and sunny. In the school there are eleven classrooms, an information technology classroom, a laboratory of physics-chemistry, a multimedia lab for common use with the 5th High school, a  library, a buffet and a store room.

For  Gymnastics there are two playfields of basket and one of volley, as well as a closed gym in which we attend all the school celebrations. And naturally there are: the office of Secretariat as well as the offices of professors and director of school. The school’s equipment is very good.

Today, in our school, 263 students from eleven up to fifteen years old attend courses and 30 teachers teach different topics. All the teachers work hard for the progress of the students.

The pupils are taught two languages, English and French or German. Apart from courses, the pupils participate in many school activities, as school celebrations, basket and volley athletic events, visits in various museums or spaces of ecological interesting and finally daily excursions outside from the Kozani Prefecture. The last years our school participated in Comenius project, which is a European educational project and in other projects, because we believe that the school should break the barriers between countries and bring together all the young people of Europe. Our hope is to establish a friendly and democratic learning environment so that the pupils love school and have many skills for their future life.

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