About Kozani

About Kozani

The prefecture of Kozani is one of the biggest and most important prefectures of Greek state. It is the prefecture that uses the lignite supplies for the electrical energy throughout Greece. It is found in westwards Macedonia, between the prefectures of Kastoria, Florina, Pella, Imathia, Pieria, Larissa and Grevena. It has 3,562 square kilometres and a population of 150,431 residents (according to the inventory 1991).

Kozani is a mountainous area and is surrounded by the mountains Vermjo, Hasja, Kamvounja, Flampouro, Vourino and Askjo. It has however a lot of valleys and a small plain that crosses the river Aliakmon.


From the picturesque city of interwar with accent in the trade and  the home economy, it passed in the post-war effort of rectification, but simultaneously and aesthetic and demographic metamorphosis.

Kozani is a city with rich historical past. Palaeontologic, prehistoric discoveries and various treasures of classic antiquity, as also and certain Byzantine and newer monuments, compose the historical picture of Prefecture with unique plenitude. The city was released on 11 October 1912 from Ottoman occupation and took its place in the new Greek state.


Today together with the rich history and the culture of Kozani, the local production and economic activity give to the Prefecture an energetic profile. The eminent and coveted marbles in the Tranovalto, the perfect development of fur in the Siatista and Eratyra, the unique in Greece cultivation of crocus, the most excellent quality of fruits, the peaches of Velvento and the apples of Eordaea as also the rich range of cheeses, the taste of the wines and a chain of production of craft-based types give to the city a very enviable plenitude.

The visitor that will come in our city any season will visit the elaborate Folklore Museum, as the cathedral temple of Saint Nikolaos, a building of 1664 with eminent temple Kozani in the means of 19th century acquired a belfry that sure will not pass unnoticed. It will have the occasion to study infrequent handwritten forms and books of Municipal Library and the important archival material.

The summertime when begins and refreshes the time to the August will watch the monthly art and culture events of Municipality Kozani, Lassanea and the seminar of Music. If it is found however the 10 days of Carnival in Kozani then he will pass days and nights of unforgetable insouciance.

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