The 2nd Primary School of Aliveri is a public school of Primary Education. It is hosted in a public building that was built in 1985.  In 2012 a new connected building was built. It is a chamber of 200 s.m., that can be used for celebrations and other events by the school and the town as well.

There are 13 classes and a computer lab in our school.

There are also 26 teachers as follow:

School teachers- 15

Special needs education teacher- 1

Physical education teacher- 2

English teacher- 2

French teacher- 1

German teacher- 1

Music teacher- 1

Art teacher- 1

Theatrical education teacher- 1

Computer studies teacher- 1

There are 6 years studies in the school and the pupils can attend classes when they are six years old.

The daily programme starts at 8.10 a.m and finishes at 2.00 p.m. for the whole school. The timetable consists of 7 teaching hours daily. After the main school programme there is an optional zone of supplementary activities that lasts until 4.15 p.m.

According to the Ministry of Education Programme, there are taught the following school subjects:

Greek language



Environmental studies



Religious education

Social and political studies



Theatrical education