Innovate your dream 2019

«Innovate your dream» is an international project that aims to help students understand and prepare for the jobs in the future.

The project is based on a popular research which concluded that “65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don’t yet exist.” During the project 7-16 year-old students will also learn about industries that will be created in the future and the role of technology in transforming the world.

The project will teach 3 out of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) described in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Quality Education, Affordable & clean energy, Industry, innovation & infrastructure).

The project promoting STE(A)M vision and STEM-based experiences will last 7 weeks. Every week teachers will receive a weekly task to complete.

These are our activities for task 2:
» Everything you can imagine is real»
Teachers name: Garyfalia Terizaki
1st Kindergarten of Gargaliani
Student’s age : 4-6
Number of students: 21