Here is stated a Pool of  Ideas which are suggested by many partners during their contribution to the project.  At anytime any of partners  could pick up one or how many of them they prefer to work with.

Ideas of 1st Evening High School of Piraeus from Greece:

[1] Pupils can express their opinion for the theme: “Why the traditional professions are no longer used today and how we can bring them back”

Ideas of Escola Secundária de Caldas das Taipas from Portugal:

[2] We could reflect how much societies have changed, namely the existing jobs, due to the crisis – creative writing.
[3] Students can make an inventory about jobs and careers that were lost due to technological advances but  came back again due to unemployment and European crisis.

Ideas of John Paul II High School from Poland:

[4] Pupils could present a profession through painting.
[5] Video – short interviews – «What would you like to do in the future?»
[6] Logos connected with the project or part of it.

Ideas of Základná škola ul. karpatská from Slovakia:

[7] Pupils can give their opinions about topic:  «Why are nowadays  jobs so popular?»

Ideas of Liceo Classico & Scientifico «D’Ovidio» from Italy:

[8] Pupils can present the “Survey Results” though graphic diagrams.

Ideas of 1st Evening High School of Piraeus from Greece:

[9] Introduction to traditional professions of my country.

Ideas of PGMET «Gen. Ivan Bachvarov» from Bulgaria:

[10] Advantages and disadvantages of my favourite job.

Ideas of Starokostiantyniv Gymnasia from Ukraine:

[11] Enumerating the qualitative skills of professions.

Ideas of Obchodní akademie, České Budějovice from Czech Republic:

[12] Search for educational possibilities for «Disappeared jobs» – find out the schools that prepare for these jobs.

Ideas of La Milagrosa Segorbe from Spain:

[13] The most suitable future job according to students’ abilities, their needs or other characteristics related to them.

Ideas of Le Tampon (Ile de La Réunion) from France:

[14] Pupils opinion after a real work experience.

Ideas of I.E.S. Jose Manuel BlecuaZaragoza from Spain:

[15] The gender role in careers.