From 1st Evening High School of Piraeus
Team members: Sideris-Angelos Poimenidis, Nikolaos Anastasopoulos, Georgios Skordilis

The last decade has been a huge trend on the Internet, mainly those related with social networks. Social networks are found in the heart and changed the structure and development of the World Wide Web. Thus, the primary role for which people use the Internet is … the social networks!

The human by its nature has a tendency to socialize, to form groups, puts himself into entirety. It wants to belong to a community of people with common characteristics. Even if it states as independent it is a member of independent community. You can see the answer slowly begins to show up for the reason that the social networks are viral (spread in the form of virus).

The use of social networks today is the fourth most popular online activity with more than the half a billion users who share interests, informed and entertained. The time spent corresponding to ten per cent of the time spent by user on the internet.

The social media and by extension the entire internet, as it has evolved (web), offers endless opportunities. Just to know hot to taking advantage of it.
What we must not forget is that social networks is at an early age and as they mature will be even better. Like a fine wine!
The social networks made the internet more SOCIAL!!!
That is what missing from society? That is what people searching for? That is not the answer we are looking for?

The social media gave back the voice of people who can express with great freedom to seek and what they want. The social networks have transformed the Internet into an open field, without limits, without restricted areas and hidden forces of censorship.

The social media came, they will stay and grow with us! Because quite simply, enable us to build relationships. This is besides the point. The human relations!!!


Xatzipetrou Xrysafo Anna, “Online Social Networks”, MSc project, University of Macedonia, Greece, 2010-2011, available at: