Acrostic poems από τους μαθητές της Έκτης τάξης

I feel so happy and proud of the students of the 6th class who did their best to write some of the best acrostic poems I have ever read following the poems I wrote for them as well as the poems we read in our coursebook (Unit  3-Imaginary Creatures).I hope I can also be an inspiration for them in future assignments.

Giorgos Diamantopoulos   English teacher

Here are some of the best poems they gave me:


Darkness predominates inside me

Evil tries to prevail

Absolutely terrifying

The good loses the fight

Horrific!                                                             by Άννα Κάσου


Fairies are so sweet

Always beautiful

It is what the girls see in their dreams

Ring the bell in our imagination

I see the fairies in my fantasy

Everyone loves them

Sometimes, we see them in the movies.             by Αθηνά Πήττα


Zombie is horrible and ugly

Out in the dark fear everywhere

Maybe you are in danger

But maybe it is friendly

It is a dead body

Everyone is scared and runs away.                      by Ελένη Καρακάση




Fire spread from house to house

In every direction people fled

Raging flames grew higher and higher

Eventually dying down leaving ashes.                   by Μαρία Τσιάμη


Very frightening

A lot of people are afraid of it

Makes dark its home

Plays in horror films

In their home other ghosts live too

Rather nice sometimes

Every night they visit people’s houses.                by Στέλιος Καρπούζας


Vampires are the kids of blood

Always they visit you at night

Moving on in the darkness

Promise me you won’t kill me

It’s scary how they are coming to get you

Red and black are their favourite colours

Everyone is dead after the vampire invasion.           by Σταυρούλα Μαυρίδου


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