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Greek Carnival – National Holiday of 25th MarchPetroupolis through the eyes of ST’2 !

We received cards and wishes from Croatia!

Our Christmas cards and our wishes are travelling to Croatia!

We are pleased to announce the schools awarded the European Quality Label 2019! A total of 1288 projects received the Quality Label for their outstanding work. Below is a detailed list of the distinguished schools, teachers’ name and the project that got them their Quality Label.

About the project

The project will last from November to March/April and it will regard the Exchange of cultural/way of living information among school partners. The topics will be related with school description, Christmas, description of the town where students live, how they spend their Sundays and a festival description. Students will use traditional way of communication (letters/posters) and new technology tools. English will be the veicular language as one of the goal is to improve their abilities in forcing language.


The aim will be the following:
– Improve English language abilities
– Improve ICT use
– Develop cultural awarness and make students reflect on differences/analogies
– Broden students knowledge of the world through new friends
– Develop collaboration and work group


The schedule:
November: class/school general presentation
December: Exchange of Christmas cards
January: living town description (postcard)
February: description of a typical festival
March/April: how they spend their Sunday/greetings
Each class will work with another partner, children will be paired together and information will be exchanged through postcards/letters and videos: everything will be also uploaded on twinspace so that everyone will be able to see the project progression and learn from the others partners.


Students will become aware of the importance of cultural differences . They will improve their English abilities and will become more confident in using ICT tools. Finally, they’ll have new friends.