Sometimes, the best answer is a more interesting question – Terry Pratchett

But not as much as to cover the sound of spoons clicking on plates, and those of the sighs, over the cherry pie, the chocolate tart, the black Vaquitas….

…of the birds singing in the trees overhead, and the distant smell of the sea…

…that is so close….

And, the mucho ruido of the engine, not enough to disturb the naps, and the total abandonment to the waves… 😉

-Someone has to stay on the boat in case it drifts away!!

-Ehm… you know we can just hold the rope so that it won’t? :-PPPPP

(Who’s afraid of the big black fish, big black fish, big black fish?? :-PPPPPP)

(Photo, by Ernesto)

And lunch, away from the noisy people…..

… with the cicadas just keeping tempo…

(Photo by Ernesto)

…the sound of the boat in the water, and the rhythmical tempo of the building of stalactites…

… a taste of an earthly feeling…

(So, how different from the minas de Wanda? :-PPP)

Mucho ruido elsewhere, while here, the wind sings through the odds and bits of the umbrella,…

(Photo by Ernesto)

…where it flaps on the stretched sail…

…. whistles through the top…

…and carries the laughter of the windsurfing lessons along…

Much to learn you still have! :-PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

Not mucho ruido here….

…other than the soundless words that occasionally spring from the page…

«-Well, he is right, you know…»

The small wonders of everyday life!!! But, really? REALLY? It IS a small world after all!! :-PPP (Who would have thought… :-P)

(Photo by Ernesto)

Ah… it floats? And the wonders never stop!!!

And the sun sets over Kvothe and travelling words!! 😉

(Photo by Ernesto)

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! 😛 Bridge, baby!!!! And the noise, simply diffused in the Infinite Monkey Cage!! 😛

(Photo by Ernesto)

Kavala, baby!!! :-PPP

-Hm… I can’t really remember where the post office is…

-Well, shouldn’t you ask someone, then?

-What do you mean «ask»??? I probably got male genes… :-PP


-Well, ok… :-PPPP (I’m female, after all, hahaha)


(Photo by Ernesto)

Mucho ruido, of criss-crossing of steps, chatting and of customs that call our attention!

(Photo by Ernesto)

Hhahaha, seriously… you got to be kidding me, right? (So…. how are we gonna get this thingy, again? :-PPP)

(Photo by Ernesto)

«Everybody can stay at a place where the pool is filled with water. But, who can say that they have stayed in a place, where the pool….

(Photo by Ernesto)

…is filled….

(Photo by Ernesto)

….with the pool toilets??»


(Photo by Ernesto)

Hey, they’re turning their backs on us?? Hmpf…..


(Photo by Ernesto)

Ah, ok, this bridge is…

(Photo by Ernesto)

…underwater… :-PPPPP

(And yeah, amazingly enough, there are postcards here too….)

«Mom and Dad…» :-PPPPPPPPPPP

Ok, the food, we already knew!! :-PPPP

(Photo by Ernesto)

And the all seeing eyes….

(Photo by Ernesto)

…overseeing all…. and tanto, tanto ruido, hahahahahhahaha

(Photo by Giorgos)

But still, the laughter of three countries,

(Photo by Giorgos)

…and four generations, is carried in tupperware….

Ok, no danger of vampires here….

Yeap… :-PPP

And still, mucho, mucho ruido, but hey, that can very well be ignored, with the green seaweed in the sea, flying in small projectiles, splashing, and playing in the water!! ;-P (Hey, where’s my green hair, then? :-PPPP)

(Photo by Ernesto)

Awwwww… rainbow!!! ;-D

(And, Alan Moore, baby!!! :-PP)

-I’m unbeatable in air hockey! So, do you want an advantage, while we play?

-NO!!! What are you talking about? How am I going to learn if I don’t play against the best?? :-PPPP

(At least I don’t suck at pinball, hahahahhaha :-PPP So great a part of my misspent youth there, ε, κουμπάρε?? ;-ΡΡΡΡ)

(Photo by Ernesto)

Ah… mpougatsa….

And tight spots!!! (Are we there yet? :-PPP)

(Photo by Ernesto)

Thessaloniki, baby!!!


(Photo by Yiannis)

And, no…No OD in sugar, yet!!


And yeah… there’s so  much noise, everywhere… but still, some places, some moments, you can protect and make your own music, your own light, claim them as your own and shape them….

And you CAN hear the sound of the sea…


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