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A tool for organizing your contacts. It is free software developed with the C++ programming language using Qt toolkit. For the storage of your contacts an SQLite database is being used.

License: GNU GPLv3 or later.

Source code of latest stable release (version 1.3.4): zip file, tar.gz file.

QGreatstAtzenta’s page at GitHub:

QGreatstAtzenta’s page at Qt Showroom:



A tool for weight related calculations. It is free software developed with the C++ programming language using Qt toolkit.

License: GNU GPLv3 or later.

Source code of latest stable release (version 1.0.4): zip filetar.gz file.

QGreatstWeightCalculator’s page at GitHub:



GreatstCPFM is an older project (2009) in pre-alpha state. It is a cross platform file manager. It is free software developed with the Java programming language. In the current version it only supports Linux and Windows systems (tested with year’s 2009 versions of Ubuntu, Debian and Windows XP) and it only performs copy, move and delete file operations.

License: Apache License V2.0.

GreatstCPFM’s page at SourceForge: