1. After the 4th extra short term joint staff training and learning activity in Bad Teinach Zavelstein, Germany, we organized an open to the public presentation at the school in order to inform the school staff, the students and their parents and guardians. During the presentation there was a detailed report of the program which was followed, the actions and activities, the lectures and workshops our colleagues attended.

Then, the students watched the videos of the 10th activity of “Artemotion Xpress in Europe” program. The activity consists of two sub-activities, 10.1 which is entitled «Dress up and act». The pupils were dressed with various clothes according to the situation given. Through role playing the kids became little actors and then were asked to recognize the emotions provoked and find solutions and proper attitudes in each and every different situation.

The sub-activity 10.2 is called «Stop Bullying». It is a role play game for the prevention of school violence. The students imitated incorrect behaviors and were asked to find the right solutions. A short video spot has been created against this bullying at schools.

The children were excited watching themselves on the screen!

2. During the last week and before the school’s closure for the Easter holidays, students and teaching staff used all their imagination in order to create Easter handcrafts such as colorful baskets, where they put red painted eggs according to the Easter custom. The students expressed their joy through Art and creation, because a great holiday was coming.