What a teaching teacher!!!!

Being sufficient as a teacher is such a great thing! Are we always that or not? Some useful advice is given in the following video.Watch it!



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Happy pupils

pupils 3

happy teaching- happy learning

Are your pupils happy when learning? Do you see them smile? Only when they are relaxed and feel safe, they do learn!! Never forget that when teaching!! Use music,drama, poetry, games to make your teaching interesting! Have your pupils move,act,sing,play!!! Sitting on a desk and listening to you doesn’t mean they learn!!Be creative!! Διαβάστε την συνέχεια »

Fun Teaching

Teaching young learners English can be a really demanding task! Not only do you have to capture and retain their interest but you also need to make sure they do learn. The key to all this process is fun- «happy» learning. How can we achieve this? Use the following:

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