Here is stated the third part of the survey which presents pupils opinions about the future professions. The given order is alphabetic.

Results of pupils opinions of 1st Evening High School of Piraeus from Greece:
astrophysics, agrotourism, astro space esthetician, astro space tour guide, astronaut, biotechnology, informatics, nanomedicine, nanotechnology, neurosurgery, photovoltaics, robotics, space tourism, spacecraft pilot, speech therapist, virtual lawyers.

Results of pupils opinions of Aydınlıkevler Ticaret Meslek Lisesi from Turkey:
Aerospace Engineering, Aircraft Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Astronaut, Automotive Engineering, City Planner, Computer and Systems Engineering, Computer Engineering, Criminologist, Database Administrators, Doctor, Ecologists, Explosion Engineering (for precious metals), Financial analyst, Food Engineering, Genetic Engineering, Interior Designer, Internet Journalism, Lawyer, Management Information Sector, Mechanical Engineering, Pilot, Police, Power Stations, Programming, Space Ship Pilot, Television Engineering, TV Programming, Underground Science Engineering, Web Designer.

Results of pupils opinions of Escola Secundária de Caldas das Taipas from Portugal are related to:
driving flying cars and busses, higher sophisticated technology, performed by intelligent robots and no humans will be necessary,  unemployment and misery.

Results of pupils opinions of Lycée Giraux Sannier from France:
anything related to ecology, cloner, flying taxi driver, inventing machines, organizing trips to the moon, robot creator, telecommuting, video games sector.

Results of pupils opinions of PGMET «Gen. Ivan Bachvarov» from Bulgaria:
astronauts, chemistry experts, computer experts, moon builders, moon miners, owners of space hotels and restaurants, rocket engineers, rubbish collectors,  space hotel receptionists, space tour guides, space waiters/waitresses, taxi drivers in the space, virtual lawyers, virtual teachers.

Results of pupils opinions of Jonavos Senamiesčio gimnazija from Lithuania:
biologist, doctor, engineer, genetic engineer, IT specialist, programmer, robot designer, scientist.

Results of pupils opinions of Obchodní akademie, České Budějovice from Czech Republic:
accountant, architect, blacksmith, builder, car mechanic, dentist, doctor, dustman, economist, Electrical repairman, engineer, farmer, financial analytic, fireman, gravedigger, hairdresser, chimney sweeper, IT technician, judge, lawyer, manager, mason, Officer, policeman, politic, salesman, scientist, soldier, teacher, technician.

Results of pupils opinions of La Milagrosa Segorbe from Spain:
builder of alternative vehicles, builder of time machines, computer technician, digital teacher, dreams designer, flying cars teacher, games  designer, medical farmer, personal assistant, politician, politician, psychologist, robotics scientist, robots designer, smart house technician.

Results of pupils opinions of IPSSAR «M.G. Apicio»Anzio (RM) from Italy:
Manager, Robotics, Social network, Space tourism, Start up, Web marketing, Wedding planner.

Results of pupils opinions of Biga Mehmet Akif Ersoy LisesiÇANAKKALE from Turkey:
Aerospace engineering, Archiect, Computer programmer, Doctor, Genetic engineering, Internet marketing, Lawyer, Project consultant, Psyhcologist, Risk management, Robot maker, Rocket scientist, Scientist, Social media commuciation expert, Web designer.