Here is stated a part of the survey which shows the favourite jobs of pupils. The given order is alphabetic and in some cases in brackets is shown the number of repetition.

Results of 40 pupils of 1st Evening High School of Piraeus from Greece:

Agritourism, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician, Aluminium Technician, Artist, Business Administrator, Candle maker, Chef, Clothing Designer, Computer Technician, Confectioner, Cosmetologist, Culture, Literature and art worker, Doctor (2 times), Esthetician, Footballer (3 times), Hairdresser (4 times), Hotel and Tourism Management, Import/Export Trader, Kindergarten Teacher, Lawyer (2 times), Musician, Naval Architect, Nurse (2 times), Photographer, Physiotherapist (2 times), Plumber, Psychologist, Social Worker, Stage/Theatre Technician, Theologian, Translator.

Results of 40 pupils of Aydınlıkevler Ticaret Meslek Lisesi from Turkey:
Computer Engineering (18 times), Computer Programming, Doctor, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, ICT Teacher (5 times), Interior Architecture, Physical Education Teacher (2 times), Police (4 times), Psychiatrist, Radio – TV, Software Engineering (2 times), Web Designer (3 times).

Results of 19 pupils of Escola Secundária de Caldas das Taipas from Portugal:
Company manager, Counselor adviser, Criminal investigator, Criminal psychologist (3 times), Fireman, Football player, Human resources manager, Join the army, Judge, Lawyer, P.E teacher (4 times), Psychologist (2 times), Singer, Tourist guide.

Results of 5 pupils of CIPFP Ausias March from Spain:
Computer maintenance , Doctor, Nurse (2 times), Research in health and desease.

Results of 115 pupils of John Paul II High School from Poland:
Accountants (4 times), Actress/Actor (3 times), Agrotourism and hotel owner, Architects (5 times), Bakers (3 times), Beauticians (3 times), Builders (4 times), Car technicians (3 times), Chemist, Computer specialists (9 times), Cooks (4 times), Doctors (11 times), Engineers (2 times), Firefighters (2 times), Hairdressers (8 times), Lawyer (2 times), Model, Musician (4 times), Nun, Nurses (2 times), Painter, Photographers (2 times), Pilot, Policemen (6 times), Professional football coach and footballer (8 times), Psychologists (4 times), Receptionist, Sportsmen and sportswomen (3 times), Stylists (2 times), Taxi-drivers (2 times), Tailors (2 times), Teachers (5 times), Translators (3 times), Traveler, Vet doctor, Waiter.

Below an image which presents the most frequent favourite jobs of John Paul II High School from Poland pupils:

Results of 7 pupils of Základná škola ul. karpatská from Slovakia:
Actor, Diplomat, Doctor, Singer, Stewardess, Vet (2 times)

Results of 38 pupils of Lycée Giraux Sannier from France:
accountant, bartender, musician, oceanographer, policeman, singer, video games developer/tester, writer

Results of 30 pupils of PGMET «Gen. Ivan Bachvarov» from Bulgaria:
architects, businessmen, computer programmers, designers of internet sites, DJ, engineers, firemen,  interior designers,  IT experts, lawyers, martial art coaches,  mobile game programmers, nurses, professional BMX riders, project designers, singers, social workers, travelling journalists.

Results of 40 pupils of Jonavos Senamiesčio gimnazija from Lithuania:
Banker, businessman (6 times), coach, designer (7 times),  doctor (6 times) ,economist,  flight attendant (4 times), guide, journalist (2 times), lawyer (7 times), manager, photographer (3 times), policeman (2 times), professional sportsman (3 times), shop owner, soldier, teacher (8 times).

Results of 75 pupils of Obchodní akademie, České Budějovice from Czech Republic:
Architect (13 times), Artist (14 times), Astronaut (5 times), Doctor (10 times), Economist (40 times), Fireman (2 times), Journalist (13 times), Lawyer (32 times), Manager (38 times), Politician (10 times), Psychologist (2 times), Teacher (11 times), TV reporter (20 times).

Results of 20 pupils of Starokostiantyniv Gymnasia from Ukraine:
Accountant (7 times), designer, doctor, lawyer, linguist, programmer (13 times), project manager (IT), sales manager, system administrator, teacher.

Below an image which presents the most frequent favourite jobs of Starokostiantyniv Gymnasia from Ukraine pupils:

Results of 12 pupils of La Milagrosa Segorbe from Spain:
architect, doctor, football coach, graphic designer, kinder garden teacher, psychologist, translator, veterinarian, video games designer, video games tester, writer.

Results of pupils of Starokostiantyniv Gymnasia from Ukraine:

Results of 15 pupils of IPSSAR «M.G. Apicio»Anzio (RM) from Italy:
Business administrator, Chef, Doctor/nurse, Guide tour (2 times), Hotel management, Musician, Photographer (2 times), Professional dancer/athlete, Teacher, Tour manager

Results of 40 pupils of Biga Mehmet Akif Ersoy LisesiÇANAKKALE from Turkey:
Cook (2 times), Doctor (8), Engineer (12 times), English Teacher, Fireman, Football Player, Lawyer (6 times), Nurse (2 times), P.E. Teacher (2), Policeman, Soldier.